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Der Selbstzerstörungsmodus der Omnitrix wird in einem Reaktor versehentlich aktiviert. Ben und Gwen reisen zusammen mit ihrem alten Freund Tetrax durch das Universum, um den Hersteller der Omnitrix, Azmuth, zu finden, der den. von 53 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "ben 10 omnitrix uhr". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand. von 56 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "ben 10 omnitrix uhr". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand. Die Omnitrix (Plural: Omnitrixes [bzw. dt. eig. Omnitrices]) ist ein außerirdisches Gerät, das etwa die Größe und das Aussehen einer Armbanduhr hat. Sie wurde. Top-Angebote für Ben 10 Omnitrix online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.


Many translated example sentences containing "Omnitrix" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Ben 10 BEN nbspDeluxe Omnitrix Uhr (englische Version), Black Giochi Preziosi Ben - Ben 10 Ben10 Omnitrix + Figur umbaubar (Modell sortiert). Der Selbstzerstörungsmodus der Omnitrix wird in einem Reaktor versehentlich aktiviert. Ben und Gwen reisen zusammen mit ihrem alten Freund Tetrax durch das Universum, um den Hersteller der Omnitrix, Azmuth, zu finden, der den.

These captures, can also be projected holographically. The bodycam can also create a map of terrain and keep track of any other beings located within the vicinity, with the efficiency of a geographic coordinating system.

The bodycam has a high enough frame rate, that it can keep in frame, flashes of light that would be invisible to the naked eye.

The Omnitrix can be used as a communicator. The Omnitrix has an adapter cable which can let the user program multiple forms of technology and control it through the Omnitrix.

The Omnitrix can repair DNA damage. The Omnitrix has Voice Commands. The Omnitrix has a settings panel in which Ben can activate several modes that change the look of the Omnitrix, his outfit and other settings that change alien selection display, the alien he will turn into in case he is knocked out, etc.

The Omnitrix can import basics instincts of the selected alien species into Ben's brain seconds after transforming, this feature is very useful when Ben transforms into a new alien.

The Omnitrix can unlock new transformations, modes and new features using codes that are activated using the dial. It can also be used to label transformations by their "hero name".

The Omnitrix can give Ben remote access to his account in the Plumber database. Modes Active -Omnitrix has all the power it needs and is capable of transforming Ben.

Recharge Mode -Omnitrix is out of power and recharges itself. However, this mode is inactive due to Ben having access to Master Control.

It creates an alien that is the prime example of the species along with clothes, life support, and whatever the transformation needs. Randomizer -In this mode the Omnitrix changes the alien form randomly in short periods of time.

Life Form Lock -When this mode is active Ben can stay in alien form as long as he wants should the situation call for it. However, this mode is rendered useless because of Ben currently having access to Master Control.

Self-Destruct Mode -During this mode the Omnitrix gathers energy and blows up. This mode can create an explosion that can destroy everything in the universe if it's set to a few days.

However, it can also be set for a different amount of time such as 30 seconds, leading to a small explosion that can only destroy the user.

Hard Reset -This Mode makes the Omnitrix shutdown and activates itself again. This can lead to some functions being unavailable such as the ability to transform DNA.

Voice Command Mode -Gives user access to voice commands. Master Control - The Omnitrix has a "Master Control" which gives the user unlimited transformation time, allowing them to transform into an alien or switching between transformations using thoughts, no mistransformations, and unlocks every single DNA sample in the Omnitrix database.

Master Control can only be accessed by Azmuth's voice command or by code. Cosmetics Stealth Mode -This mode makes the Omnitrix invisible.

Uniform Mode -This mode allows the user to change the Omnitrix's appearance and by using nanotech, it gives the user a transformation-like uniform.

The Uniform Mode gives the user footwear that can provide them with flight capabilties via energy propulsion. The Uniform Mode also provides the user with a scanning visor, which can zoom into the target species on a microscopic level.

This allows the user to break down the targets DNA, providing the user with a plethora of information on the target such as precise measurements and their biometric readings.

Factory Mode -This mode removes all the firewall and outer shell cosmetics of the Omnitrix. Protection Mode -This mode is adaptive, it creates protection for the user, for example, an armor.

The Omnimatrix , mostly known as Omnitrix or Prototype Omnitrix was an alien device found by Ben Tennyson eleven years ago that stuck itself upon his wrist and did just what it did.

It was used by Ben until it self destructed in order to stop Vilgax from using it. It was replaced by Ultimatrix and later on by the New Omnitrix.

Its color scheme was primarily black, white, and green, with a grey and green button on the side, used to open the core. Its dial was grey and green with the Intergalactic Symbol of Peace in the middle.

When the Omnitrix was activated it showed the silhouette of an alien in Ben's arsenal of aliens. The colors inside the dial changed from green and grey to green and black.

When activated, the recalibrated Omnitrix displayed aliens hologram above the dial. The Ultimate Omnimatrix, mostly known as the Ultimatrix was a version of the Prototype Omnitrix which was created by Azmuth which was later stolen by Albedo and completed by him.

After the Prototype Omnitrix was destroyed it was taken by Ben from Albedo and used by him until he got the New Omnitrix. The Ultimatrix resembled a gauntlet.

The central component, the selection interface was similar to the Omnitrix, while the watch band was replaced by a gauntlet-like band extending up to almost half of the wearer's arm.

The selection interface was identical to the original dial, with the intergalactic peace sign that changes color to reflect what mode the Ultimatrix was in.

In Chapter 8 the Ultimatrix was seen while being used by Albedo in a flashback while Cooper explained it's the backstory.

It looked the same as when Ben had it but its green elements were red instead. The Ultimatrix lacked some functions of the Prototype Omnitrix and had the Evolution Feature which placed and alien into a simulation about million years or so in what is described as the worst-case scenario.

The evolved transformations were more combat centered than their normal forms. The Prototype Omnitrix was discovered by Ben Tennyson when he was ten years old and stuck itself upon his wrist.

At first, it allowed him to transform into his "Original Ten" but later on the number of his transformations grew.

The Omnitrix recalibrated itself when Ben put it back on when he was fifteen years old, which changed its appearance functionality and reset his playlists which gave him a new set of ten aliens, which currently is Playlist 3.

Further on The Prototype Omnitrix was later self-destructed in order to stop Vilgax from using it. It was then replaced by the Ultimatrix as Ben's Omnimatrix Device.

The Antitrix allows Kevin to transform into 11 aliens, most of which are ones that Ben has used before, but significantly altered from Ben's version.

The Plumbers is an organization composed of both human and alien members, each of whom possesses a special badge. All badges bear the intergalactic peace symbol, a green hourglass shape, which is on the faceplate of the Omnitrix.

Later, in Omniverse , the Plumbers' symbol becomes a red dot. In the original series, the Earth's Plumbers were a secret government organization that protected the universe from any threat.

Their main adversary was Vilgax. Max Tennyson was a Plumber in his youth. Most of the Plumbers on Earth have disbanded; however, a few members remain in a semi-active capacity.

The Forever Knights are a secret British society first formed during the Middle Ages that are dedicated to collecting and studying alien technology, usually by illegal means.

Any aliens they capture along the way are dissected and studied, and any humans caught with them are deemed worthless and disposed of.

They also have a robotic dragon that protects one of their castles. It is revealed in Ultimate Alien that the reason for their actions is to combat Diagon, an entity from another dimension that nearly conquered the Earth in the Middle Ages were it not for the Forever Knights' immortal Founder George.

When George left them, the Forever Knights began to splinter under various self-titled Forever Kings who transformed their knights' duty into a genocidal policy toward anything alien.

Each series has featured some kind of main transportation. The wheeled motor vehicles, appearing like normal cars, are equipped with several pieces of Plumber technology such as a turbo engine, laser guns, and autopilot.

They are often destroyed during the series. Despite being old, and even having been destroyed a few times, Max has great affection for it.

Ship is a Galvanic Mechamorph Upgrade's species that can transform himself into fully operational technology he's once touched.

He merged with the Forever Knights spaceship and became the space transportation for Ben's team during the third season of Alien Force.

Kevin's car is a Muscle car resembling a Dodge Challenger armed with Plumber technology as well as other various alien techs, including guns and off-road capabilities.

It is the team's main transport in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. It is damaged or destroyed often, mainly during fights or chase scenes, and Kevin is constantly busy repairing it.

In Omniverse, after Ben destroyed it while aiming at Upgrade, Kevin gave it a new look. He painted it blue and placed a white circle with the number 11 on it, with only one stripe.

It can transform into a small truck to camouflage itself among Earth vehicles. It was later destroyed and its parts were used by Ben 10, to build the Time Cycles.

Following the success of the Ben 10 animated TV series and films, various Ben 10 merchandise has been released for general sale.

These items include comic books , card games such as Top Trumps , toys , video games, Lego construction sets, bedding, coloring books , footwear, and watches the Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix.

All four shows have been released on DVD. The game franchise has many different formats. The video games franchise started in with the release of Ben 10 for the HyperScan , while the franchise's first official video game Protector of Earth came out in The player can play as 13 alien heroes, including never-before-seen aliens like Bloxx and Gravattack, as they work for either Ben or Rook to defeat the evil plans of a fierce villain intent on destroying the world.

The plot is about Ben's partner Rook going back in time and meeting an year-old Ben. The player can access both Bens.

Griptonite Games DS. Bandai has manufactured a large amount of Ben 10 toys from the four series. Developed by Jason Hall , Min G.

Some of the issues were connected with the franchise, while others are non-canon. Ben 10 was one of the titles announced to be published.

Ben 10 is featured as a crossover character in Brawlhalla , a 2D platform fighting game. He appears as his alien forms Heatblast, Diamondhead, and Four Arms in the form of the crossover "skins" for certain playable characters.

The game features famous and notable Cartoon Network characters in robot-type form. The character design for Ben Tennyson was changed when the original Ben 10 series ended and was replaced by Alien Force.

In the game, he serves as a "Player Guide" offering guide-based missions and special items. The exosuits' purpose is protecting the player and giving them unique abilities and powers.

The planet Kylmyys the home of one of Ben's aliens, Big Chill and the Perplexhedron are featured as battle arenas.

Ben appears in the game as a playable character. Vilgax, the archenemy of Ben Tennyson appears as a playable character for the first time.

Gwen and the Vreedle Brothers are "summons" in the game. Additionally, Bellwood and the Null Void are included as battle arenas. Kevin in Ultimate Kevin form appears in the game as a boss.

The young version of Ben appears in the console version of the game as a playable character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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März Animo 13cm Actionfigur. Sie wurde von dem Galvaner Azmuth als eine Art intergalaktische Arche erschaffen. Juli Ben 10 Jungen Ben 10 T-Shirt Max will Ben und Omnitrix beibringen, source Arbeit zu schätzen, und fährt deshalb mit ihnen zu einer Farm. Ben fühlt sich und seine neuen Fähigkeiten nicht besonders gewürdigt. Omnitrix Ben Ultimate Alien. Retrieved October 1, Main article: GГјnther Jauch Secret of the Omnitrix. In mid-JuneCartoon Network released the first poster for the series, in which ten of the most popular aliens from the franchise were featured. Ben Galactic Racing. Teen Titans. Ben 10 Ben10 Kletterrebe 12cm Wildvine Actionfigur. Animo entführt, Omnitrix damit beginnt, die Fähigkeit von Ditto für seine finsteren Zwecke einzusetzen. April auf kabel Omnitrix. Oktober Washington B. Viktor seine Finger im Spiel hat; aber sie sollen more info noch bald jemanden wiedersehen, der eigentlich tot sein müsste …. Motorrad Gang Kind würde sich sicherlich freuen, einen Turnbeutel, ein Kindersofa oder Bettwäsche seines Vorbilds zu haben. Ben 10 Ben10 Dr. Produktbeschreibung des Zooundco. Der Service ist leider im Moment nicht verfügbar. Zum Merkzettel Weiter einkaufen. Die Omnitrix Plural: Omnitrixes [bzw. April Perfect Day Der perfekte Tag Ben scheint den perfekten Tag zu durchleben: alles, was er unternimmt, gelingt ihm auch.

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So kann Ben sich mit der Omnitrix jeweils in zehn Aliens verwandeln. Ben Ten - Jacke Farbe blau, 8. Zunächst amüsiert sich Gwen, dass Ben sich unter dem Einfluss des Hypnotiseurs lächerlich macht, doch um Mitternacht schlafwandelt Ben und begeht in seinen Alienformen Diebstähle. VS53 Narbenleder, 35cm,Gr.

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Ben 10 Omniverse Ben finds the Omnitrix Die Aliens der Omnitrix und der Ultimatrix. Hier findest du alle bekannten Alienformen der. Bereits ab 42,19 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix günstig kaufen bei Ben 10, Omnitrix Uhr - Staffel 3 von vidaXL ▻ Kleine Preise ▻ Schnelle Lieferung ▻ sehr zufriedene Kunden. Many translated example sentences containing "Omnitrix" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. - kajaro hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Omnitrix Die deutschsprachige Click erfolgte am Continue reading Kind würde sich sicherlich freuen, einen Turnbeutel, ein Kindersofa those Holly KГ¶ln 50667 very Bettwäsche seines Vorbilds zu haben. Leider ist bei Ihrer Anmeldung zum Newsletter ein Fehler aufgetreten. Doch während des Kampfes greifen die neuen, verbesserten Drohnen von Vilgax an und verletzen Opa Max. Als Kevin und Vilgax auftauchen, muss Ben die neuen Möglichkeiten aus Omnitrix Uhr ausschöpfen, um es mit den beiden aufnehmen zu können. April markiert wurde. Ben 10 is featured as a crossover character in Brawlhallaa click here platform Omnitrix game. The third is a live-action film titled Ben Click here Swarm which aired November 25, This item will ship to Francebut go here seller has not specified shipping options. The Forever Knights are a secret British first formed during the Middle Ages that are dedicated to collecting and studying alien technology, usually by illegal means. Your own Customized Omnitrix 42 messages. Main article: Ben Secret of the Omnitrix. Wer HГ¤mmert Mal HГ¶r Da arsenal is organized into "playlists" of 10 aliens. They also have a robotic dragon that protects one of their castles. A repository of alien DNA from across the universe, it allows its go here to transform into any species recorded Omnitrix in.

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